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|JAN 10||WWE||Duttys Leo Sense 2.5 Holy Grail V.03a|Base 2.01||5.2.21889||ONLINE|

Duttys Leo Sense 2.5 Holy Grail V.03a |WWE| Based Rom 2.01 ( CE OS Build 5.2.21889.5.0.87 )


This is my First attempt of a cooked Leo Rom so my taste of Roms are close to Stock but with added tweaks for Stabilty, Performance and Speed with a bit of Duttys. The Roms will be based on COM2 of Microsoft Builds as I find them more stable and to my needs of endless bugs fixing and incompatibilty with some of the new and Latest 6.5.3 Builds which arent too friendly with HTC Sense.

Dutty’s Leo Sense 2.5 Holy Grail V.03a |WWE|Change log

  • Quote:
    • Removed HTC Hot fix due to camera not working for some people, Strange.
    • Include Radio_2.06.51.07 so make sure you are using HARDSPL to flash Rom
    • Fix Volume Control when answering call and using up or down volume button will now mute call.
    • Implemented back in Tom Autoinstall in Rom from V.01, Instructions below:

    >> Create folder in Root of Storage Card called [ Autoinstall ] >> Copy all your cabs in that folder >> After Flash , and during customisations all your cab will be installed. >> Also set your cabs to read only

    >> So get Your Storage Card prepared with all your Cabs to install.

Quote: The HTC Task manager in cab just installed and soft reset, I dont need it for myself anymore but for those who need it. Tested: Attached Files

 Duttys_Task_Manager_2.1.19183631.cab ( 413,81 килобайт ) Кол-во скачиваний: 185

Quote: This cab is for default manila left Soft key for those who want to change it and for those who change language manila.

* CE OS 5.2.21889 & Build 21889.5.0.87

* Base Rom 2.01 Dutty
* PagePool set to 18 MB
* Updated 99 % applications from HTC.
* Updated icons throughout the Rom.
* Use .NET Compact Framework 3.5
* Removed ULDR sector
* Removed Wallpaper, Ringtones,… and other files not needed
* Disable Sercurity , patched cert HTC
* Most Applications are supported by landscape.
* Added support MSVC Version for alternate Users
* And more things…..


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-=MDJ Revolution HD v.2.2=- NAND
[kernel:MDJ S9.2 OC]