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Ну вот, наконец то, довели до ума одну из самых интересных прошивок для нашего аппарата.


Android 2.3.3 — HTC WWE 2.50.405.2 (Ace) and 3.14.405.1 (Bravo) Very Stable , Fast , SmoothFirst HD2 Rom with Aroma Installation Kernel: marc1706’s Sense Kernel [v0.2.3]This is improved version of stock ROM — no visual changes!Very fast, clean & stable!Full HTC Sense 2.1 + 3.0 Interface (You Can Select Needed Stuff For Sense 3.0)SD Speed Increase (buffer = 3072) it`s faster than 2048, Copying into my SD-card class 4 over 4.3 MBps Camera & Camcorder working and capture 800*480Add Grate Tweak : Auto O/C + Auto Change Governor when ,Screen On/Off Max 1113600/Min 96000 ,for now Save lots Battery, usually 3 mhAGrate Ram Script , Speed + Multitasking + Battery + Responding + Lag-free ( Now My Rom Very Fast )Make Grate installation For Rom + Addons You Can All Time Add/Remove App In Your Rom ( I`m Work it over 50 Hour :$ )Super Lite & Typical Mod installation For Advance user & Normal user (in super lite MOD after first boot ~ 280Mb free ram ) it`s Great Add huge APNAdd Battery Percent % (Can Be Select Active/Inactive Or use stock style )Sony Bravia-XLoad (Can Be Select Active/InActive)Sony Bravia-EngineAdd freeHTC_IME + Dic From Sense 3.0Arabic and Hebrew languages support!Fully optimized and tweakedZipaligned (Improved RAM management)Zipalign on boot (for user applications on data partition)Fully de-odexedImproved virtual memory managementSpeed optimizations60 MB ZRAM ready!Swap ready (if you have swap partition in sd-card)Advanced Power Menu (Can Be Select Fix/Unfix)CRT Animation ON/Off (You can Active/Inactive )Battery auto-calibration script, Now Don`t Need to use any app for calibrate batteryExcellent battery life! usually 3-5 mhA ( If you have more amount drain ,certainly you have Low signal strength )Movie 720p Play Grate Without Any Lag Auto cLK/MAGLDR Detect & Auto Fix NetworkAdd Theme Sense 4 Woooooooooow Its Very BeautifulMulti-language (WWE)4EXT Recovery supportSupport almost 24h a dayNewest BusyBox 1.19.4 StableNo Needed Full Wipe before installationSuper Fast Installation

and many more. . . !!!

EU and TMOUS ROM Partition Size : 5/135/5 ( boot / system / cashe )

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