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Professional Radio Application with RDS Support

Поддержка Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch HD, Xperia X1, Touch Pro2 and Diamond2.

PowerRadio поставляет много данных, доступных через RDS, которые иначе были бы невидимы для слушателя.Особенности:- название станции- название текущего трека- отображение номеров, URL, объявлений радиостанции- жанр музыки- зона покрытия- дата, время- и др.Кнопки:ear/spk Наушники,динамикmute/unmute: выкл.звукblend:расширить.улучшить стереоstereo стерео — моноВсе настройки сохранены в PowerRadio.ini.

Version history

v2.3.2.0- bugfix: some registry settings didnt get updated when using headset button- doc error: script command «AudioPath» should be «AudioPathToggle»v2.3.1.0- additional skin «brown», thats the v1 default retro skin :)- experimental landscape support. Be aware this is still buggy — in development- Battery Info can be switched on/off via menu layout- psname (StationName) is trimmed when writing to registry- fixed: frequency didnt get updated in registry when using presetprev/presetnext buttonhandler commands- additional values are written to registry for evaluation via scripts: status of audiopath, mute, blend, stereo. For details see documentation.- bugfix: blend settings showed inverted statusv2.3.0.0- Power Radio got gesture support! Please note that this is only supported on Windows Mobile 6.5 or greaterThe following gestures are available:- swipe right/left to switch to next/previous preset bank- pan a preset to another (free) location. It wont let you overwrite existing presets.v2.2.3.0- removed check for FMS_API.DLL- tuner sensitivity setting reverted to previous versions, as it led to problems on some devices- changed signal strength calcucation: as there is no absolute maximum to use as a percentage indicator, the strongest station is used for that purpose. Maximum value is saved in PowerRadio.ini.v2.2.2.0:-added battery status display-additional actions for preset buttons: previous preset, seek rev-changed behaviour: when device is suspended it wakes up on headset button press. Now its sent to suspend after processing the button pressv2.2.0.1- changed PowerOff behaviour as some devices/ROMs waked up itself after pressing power offv2.2.0.0- new function: handle alternate frequencies:This implies a couple of changes. First, if a station transmits AF lists via RDS they are collected (this has been done in the past too). Now additionally, they are assigned to the current preset, saved in PowerRadio.ini, and retrieved from there respectively. That means, even if you dont receive the station you want to tune, the previously saved AF list is available for action.The action may be to manually scan for the best frequency, or assign a AF autoscan level. When current reception level is below the AF autoscan level, Power Radio will initiate an AF scan and choose the strongest station. To do it manually, use the «choose best» option on the «Tune alternate frequencies» menu.This is very handy if you are on travel or go abroad and want to follow your favorite station.- PowerRadio.ini now contains PI and AF’s for presets- fixed a couple of minor glitches- added some internal stuff (extended logging etc.)v2.1.0.0- new function: TA volume, will be used when a traffic announcement is active on the channel, even when mute is active.- reworked / bugfixed reception strength display and handling. This also effects tuner sensitivity- corrected a bug which lead to increased power consumption when screen is off- RDS messagepipeline performance tuning (avoid messagestorms)- introduced a new color definition for EON TP available- minor fixes and adaptionsv2.0.9.0- bugfix at RDS message rendering, causing delays during message reception- additional info fields for Program Reference, country and language information. Currently i get strange language codes from the RDS stream so this needs further investigation, consider it not fully functional at this time.- with the help of beemer (the TMC guru) i was able to nail the crash-on-exit problem, so this should be history.- changed textmessages scrolling behaviourv1.5.0.4- exception handling on invalid input in numeric fields- RDS textmessages codepage handling (charmap E1 implemented). If you encountered unprintable chars in textmessages, this should fix itv1.5.0.3- bugfix: exception when registry key not found- presets manipulation: cut/copy/paste/insert/delete- Headsetbutton longpress executes seek fwdv1.5.0.2- bugfix: preset lost >30- bugfix: squelch unmute not appropriate when muted manually- NEW: AppToDate supportv1.5.0.0- new option: Squelchlevel, mutes audio when signal strength falls under a specified limit- added commandline control options via HeadsetButtonHandler, see Power Radio Doc- RDS status infos are written to registry (frequency, stationname, RDS textmessage), an external script/program may be called on update, see Power Radio Doc- PowerRadio.ini will not be overwritten any more when updating Power Radio with a new versionv1.4.0.6This version is still considered BETA, though most of the bugs seem to be fixed or may be worked around.- fixed QVGA display problems- new option FullScreen: you gain an additional line of presets with this- rearranged menu items- new exit option: if you experience exceptions when closing Power Radio, try setting menu-extras-set exit option to 1- fixed display problem in RDS timeout setting- frequency, stationname, rdstextmessage are written to the registry HKLM\Software\PowerRadio. This allows script access to the current values. Values are updated as they arrive from the RDS stream.v1.4.0.0This version contains massive changes compared to previous releases. As of this, i consider it BETA for the time being. Please report if you encounter unusual behaviours.- even more eyecandy: presets can have station images- various bugfixes (see readme.txt in download package)- support for QVGA devices- additional skinning options (see skinning.rtf in download package)- NEW: sleep timer- thanks to jolas, Power Radio has a new fancy iconv1.3.3.0- more eyecandy: all control buttons are now skinnable. already installed skins still work.- minor bugfixesv1.2.0.1- bugfix when number of stations exceeds number of presets during scan- initial scan after install is now optional (you will be asked)v1.2.0.0- «replaces font» bug partially fixed. While PowerRadio is running, font is still replaced. On exit font will be switched back- volume bug on start fixed- fixed volume display bug, bar never reached 100%- version string added- country settings are now evaluated- allows user defined scan sensitivity- skinning support: limited support is offered, for details see skinning.rtf- more preset buttons: added a bank-switch feature which allows for 9 banks of 15 presets. Selected bank is displayed beneath the volumebars as «FMx». To switch between banks simply tap the area above the preset buttons. You have to edit PowerRadio.ini manually to set the desired number of banks. Find the line «NumberOfBanks=3» and change it to your desire. After that, PowerRadio must be restarted.- waitcursors are added where it makes sense. There is no waitcursor on exit of PowerRadio, wait at least 10 secs. before attempting to start any program that uses the FM-radio.- scan: all presets are cleared when initiating a scan, except locked presets. RDS station names are stored during scan. some stations have scrolling or switching names. this can lead to unpredictible results. anyway you can always edit a station name manually by long-click on a preset.- presets can now be locked, which protects them from being overwritten during a scan.- power management added: most of the background processes are terminated when device is on idle. this may however need improvement.- accidentially hidden SIP will be restored

— BETA: support for wired headset button. Run «HeadsetButtonHandler» to install / uninstall this feature. When HeadsetButtonHandler is installed and PowerRadio is running, doubletap the headsetbutton skips to next preset. If PowerRadio is not running it executes the default action (usually redial last contact).

Старые версии:

Power Radio  PowerRadio_2.0.7.0.zip ( 456,71 килобайт ) Кол-во скачиваний: 77

PowerRadio_2.2.0.1  PowerRadio_2.2.0.1.zip ( 398,93 килобайт ) Кол-во скачиваний: 60

PowerRadio_2.3.0.0  powerradio_v2300.rar ( 389,24 килобайт ) Кол-во скачиваний: 41

PowerRadio_2.3.1.0  powerradio_2.3.1.0.rar ( 618,71 килобайт ) Кол-во скачиваний: 16

Power Radio  PowerRadio_2.3.2.0.zip ( 424,2 килобайт ) Кол-во скачиваний: 37


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