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Автор: | 25.04.2016

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le 6.5.5 ProfessionalSYS 28205/23518 A.K.U. 5.5.0 BASE ROM version: 1.61WWEPagepool 18MbHTC SENSE 2_5_1922[b]Packets from 2.02 DUMPDrivers from 1.61/2.02 [/b] Disabled Security , patched cert HTC [b]Fully Tweaked



Добавленные пакеты:Утилиты: * CSMI 1,3 * TorchButton * GLTweaks * PimBackup * Манила Language Manager * CleanRam * WinRAR * TotalCommander (Finger дружественные выставиться) * Поворот (longpress на Phonebutton для альбомной ориентации)Tweaks: * BSB Tweaks * FcdSoft’s Regedit и TaskMgrGames Добавлено: * FreeCell * Шахматы * Hearts * СудокуСистема: * XdaShutDown * Амеба * Xtask

Информация и инструкция

— Updated Office packages to 2010- Removed JetPrintTo have my theme installed correctly simply restart the phone after the initial setup.I would like to remember that is a developing Sys, not officially presented or released, so some application could not work as usual.REMEMBER NOT ALL THE MANILA TABS WORK WELL IN LANDSCAPE IT’S NOT A ROM ISSUE.Photo, Music and Document TAB autorotate, but when used in forced rotation (longpressing Phone Button) they does not rotate correctly. Kindly remember that we are using a TEST release of Manila. Enjoy!AmeBa is Installed so now:- to close a program simply click on X;- a longpress on X will minimize it;-LONGPRESS on START will launch XTask.Keys instructions:- LONGPRESS on Phone Button Force RotateAll the graphical mods are disinstallable!BG4All is Yet Installed in!In MANILA 1922 actually HDWALL and others Manila mods like 20 quicklinks doe not work correctly actually, but i hope we will have them back shortly.I will not provide any support to your personal addings, like showcase or experia one.!!Things to Know:All the known tweaks are included.Actually on Manila 1922, Quicklinks and BG4All, does not work correctly and will cause issues so please do not try them i will post them as a cab when i found a way to mod the new manila files.Manila Landscape it’s not activated, it causes problems on Music and Photo tabs!

All the manila mods inserted could be removed, i cooked in them as cab.

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